Frequently Asked Questions


How many Administrator accounts can I have?

One administrator can be assigned to each account.

If your church has multiple sites, you can have an administrator for each site, provided each campus is set up as an individual account. Otherwise, if you set up all of the campuses in one account, there will be one administrator for all of the campuses.

Can I change the account administrator?

Yes. You can change the account administrator in the Account Permissions section of the dashboard.

How many Viewer accounts can I have?

American Bible Society does not limit the number of viewer accounts a church cay have, but churches should consider limiting viewers to decision-making leaders.

What can Viewers see and do?

Viewers are able to view the Look Inside Assessment results.

How should I set up my multi-site church accounts?

It depends on how you would like your results to be tabulated. There are two ways to set up multi-site churches.

  1. As individual entities. In this case, each campus sets up its own account with an administrator. The assessments results will be for that campus only. Use this option if you want to compare the results of your campuses.
  2. Under one account with multiple campuses. In this case, there will be one administrator who manages an account for all of the campuses. The results will be aggregated as if there were one campus. Use this option if you would like to see the overall results for all of your campuses.

Why is there a cost associated with Look Inside Church?

All funds received for Look Inside Church are invested toward further development and enhancements of the tool.



Watch a demo of the survey

How long can I keep the survey open?

The default survey period is two weeks, which is the minimum. You can extend the survey for one additional week, if desired.

How long can a survey be extended?

A survey can be extended for one additional week after the initial two weeks.

Can I change the survey start date after it is scheduled?

Yes. You can change the survey start date until the scheduled start date or until someone completes the first survey.

Are survey responses anonymous?

Yes, survey responses are completely anonymous and are never connected to respondents’ names.

Can users access the survey on their mobile device?

Yes, the survey can be accessed on all devices including tablets, smartphones, and computers.



When and how will I receive the survey results?

Your results are ready as soon as the survey closes. You will receive an email notification with a link to your results, or you can log in to the Look Inside dashboard to view them.

Is it possible to download or print my survey results?

The survey report is designed to be an interactive, online experience. Consequently, it is not available for download.